8 Best Toys for a 4 Month Old to Boost Development and Fun

On the hunt for the best toys for a 4 month old that will actually keep your fast growing baby engaged and amused? I actually Googled the same thing when my little monkey first hit his 4 month old mark.

Up until this point, I never felt the need to entertain the little one – the days were full of just taking care of him. But all of a sudden, there he was, looking up at me with a glimmer of intellectual curiosity in his eyes.

“What will we do today, mommy?” he seemed to ask. And after months of focusing only on feeding, burping, napping, changing, and attempting to maintain basic hygiene and sanity for myself, I was suddenly faced with the prospect of also entertaining my little one and possibly even facilitating a little learning.

A tall order for an exhausted first time mom. But also tremendously exciting. And so began my search for the best toys for a 4 month old baby.

Why Toys for a 4 Month Old Matter

It’s a tricky period because four months marks the transition between the slug phase – you know, when your little one doesn’t do much but stare blankly at things – and the fun baby phase.

Suddenly, your baby is no longer satisfied with the predictable rhythm of baby swings and rockers. No, the little one is outgrowing passive props and interactive toys are now the way to go.

The best part is, by the time you’ve got a 4 month old baby in your arms, it’s not only baby who’s ready for new adventures but you, mama, are probably more than ready to have a little fun yourself.

And watching your baby having fun and developing new skills is some of the best fun you’ll have as a proud new mama.

What are the Best Toys for a 4 Month Old?

Without further ado, here are the best toys for a 4 month old to stock up on to keep your baby entertained and happy!


If there is just one thing that is actually a must on this list of 4 month old must haves – it’s the Jumperoo.

Of course, not all babies develop in the same way but you will know when your baby is ready to jump, jump, jump when your arms start feeling incredibly tired.

I spent a week holding my little one up so he could jump around on my lap before my tired arms mustered all the strength they had left to finally go pick up this miracle contraption.

It was the best thing I did (this month).

My baby boy is now officially the happiest little bouncer on the block and my arms are slowly regaining feeling again. Win win.

Lamaze Toys

There’s good reason why the whole range of Lamaze toys have such good reviews. From the delectably named Captain Calamari to the flamboyant Jacque The Peacock, they’re all made to entertain little ones for hours.

Our little monkey’s go to was Freddie the Firefly. We had him well before baby was born. But the little one did not give a toss about any of them until now.

Freddie the Firefly

Whereas before Freddie was an annoying object we waved in his face to try and get him to calm down, now Freddie was his best friend, his amigo, his homie.

With his crinkly bits, various textures, and even a little teether, Freddie makes a very multi-faceted friend for a curious 4 month old baby. And he attaches easily to, well, everything, so he’s handy to tote around as well.

Hands down one of the best toys for a 4 month old.

Activity Mat

If your 4 month old baby has not began rolling from side to side, tummy to back and back to front – rest assured, that little wriggler soon will.

And when she does, she’s going to be delighted to find that you got her an activity mat with bells and whistles.

Fisher Price Rainforest Deluxe Gym

Well, maybe not bells and whistles – but with plenty of eye candy, noisy baubles and toys for her to try out her newfound hand-eye coordination with.


Every 4 month old baby is a tiny little Narcissist. They may not be able to talk about themselves or post their selfies on Instagram but put a mirror in front of them and you’ll quickly discover just how transfixed your little one is by his own reflection.

They’re not even shy about it – your baby will stare at herself in the mirror until the cows come home.

And don’t worry – giving your baby a mirror won’t turn her into a future Kardashian. What it will do is help develop his social and emotional skills and provide hours – seriously, hours – of interactive fun.

Looky-Looky Crawl Along Mirror

You can play with any mirrors in the house, staring and making faces at your reflections or playing peek-a-boo. I also got mine a Crawl Along Mirror to encourage the little one to crawl.

Bath Floatie

Let’s be honest. There’s precious little you can really do to encourage a 4 month old athletically. At the same time, allowing them to work use their little limbs and work off some excess energy is the best recipe for deeper, longer sleep.

The bath floatie is one of the few toys for a 4 month old that lets you do that. Plus, it integrates perfectly into baby’s bath time.

We actually started testing the waters with a baby neck floatie when baby was just shy of 2 months old.

It was such a welcome break from the monotony of simply caring for the baby – finally, some play time! – that it became a fairly regular part of little one’s bath time routine.

Cushions (Or Your Knees)

Essentially, anything that can help elevate your little one just a little bit so that she’s at a comfortable recline. Why, you ask? Well, it just makes it easier for her to maneuver her feet into her mouth.

Around the four month mark, your baby may develop a strange yet endearing fascination with their little feet.

The thing is, though, they don’t really have the skills to reach, grab and harass their hoppers quite yet. Which is why anything that encourages a bit of foot finding play will be good fun at this stage in their development.

To help our little monkey chomp on his feet, we elevated him on pillows, let him recline on our laps, and set his rocker at a slight incline…

He got there soon enough.

Sidenote: Foot finders – or rattles – help to make this game a lot more fun for the both of you.

Soft Cloth Books

As far as I know, my 4 month old baby does not know how to read. Which is why his first soft cloth book had no words in it, just an overenthusiastic narrator – me – to make up stories.

But he loved the experience of story time. And he especially loved the part where he got to stuff the book in his mouth afterwards.

These soft cloth books may not have great plot lines or much character development, but they make up for that with peek-a-boo flaps, crinkly sounds and a variety of touch-and-feel textures.

And in case you’re wondering: isn’t reading to a 4 month old baby pointless? Nope, not at all. Not only is reading to your baby a one-on-one activity that promotes bonding but it also exposes your little one to more words so he can benefit from a larger vocabulary later on.

Teething Toys

Last but not least, no list of must haves for a 4 month old would be complete without a teething toy. Especially if yours is an early teether like ours – the little guy actually sprouted his first bottom tooth at four months, seemingly overnight.

But even if your baby isn’t showing any teeth yet, keep in mind that teething symptoms can often start a few months before you ever see that first tooth make an appearance.

And since most babies start teething within four to six months, one of the best toys for a 4 month old baby is a teether that she can easily maneuver with whatever hand-eye coordination she’s got.

Ours loved the baby banana teether – it was just small enough for him to manipulate with his little hands and I liked to think that the toothbrush component helped keep that tiny tooth clean.